Edward Pitts is a true Apostle of the Lord, author, spiritual mentor, and business advisor who walks in the mind of God. Traveling throughout the United States, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, and abroad he focuses on serious issues affecting personal spiritual awareness as we become one in the Body of Christ.

As a revelatory teacher, Apostle Pitts explains God’s universal spiritual precepts and concepts in everyday language and examples, lives are transformed, and minds are renewed into a higher consciousness. Apostle Pitts’ passion is for the Body of Christ to mature and have a complete understanding and to walk in their full identity as Sons of God.

Apostle Pitts is called to mentor the “Sons of God” and provide an Apostolic covering for them to fulfill their divine purpose and go forth in their ministry assignment.  He has been in ministry for over 30 years. He is the Co- Founder of Life Focus Ministries in Orlando, Florida and the Co-Founder of Kingdom United, Inc., a partnership program in which leaders, organizations and ministries are connected and relationships are established and maintained in order to bring the body of Christ into the unity of the faith.

Apostle Pitts resides in the Greenville-Spartanburg, SC area with his wife of 30 plus years, Mary Pitts. Together they have six adult children and seven beautiful grandchildren.

Life Focus Ministries - Mary Pitts

Mary Pitts born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, she received Christ at the age of 19 while attending college in Orlando, FL.  She has been ministering the word of God in the U.S., Jamaica, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Trinidad for over 25 years, flowing in the Evangelistic and Prophetic ministry gifts.

Mary Pitts is an exciting, vivacious and upbeat speaker that prompts and propels her listeners to action. While delivering the word of God her audiences come to believe and know that they are “Someone Special “created in the image and likeness of God. Her passion is to aid those in need, help people discover who they are in Christ, and build their self-esteem. She has been a highly sought-after keynote speaker at various conferences, retreats, revivals, seminars and workshops.

Mary Pitts is also the Founder & CEO of Business Women Inspirational Network, Inc. which galvanizes, educates and empowers women to live their dream. As a business owner with over twenty-five years of experience in the hospitality industry, Mary Pitts specializes in group travel and special events. Some of her most popular events are Women with an Assignment Leadership Conference, The Presence of a Father, Marriage and Ministry, Single and Living the Life.

She is much involved in her community, volunteering her time and energy in making a difference in the lives of others. Serving on various boards, committees, and events as a community activist, and entrepreneur she is frequently requested as a keynote speaker by not for profit and corporate groups. She is a radio personality in her local area, and motivational speaker.

Mary Pitts is called and chosen as a Prophetic Voice to the Nations. You will be blessed as you experience a truly exceptional gift of God filled with excitement and motivation.

Mary Pitts is the Co-Founder of Life Focus Ministries in Orlando, Florida and the Co-Founder of Kingdom United, Inc.  She resides in the Greenville-Spartanburg, SC area with her husband of 30 plus years, Apostle Edward Pitts. Together they have six adult children and seven beautiful grandchildren.